To Fix Slow Internet Speed

Due to hardware or software problems of the devices you use, you can see slow internet speed, which you have to fix yourself. Today I am going to discuss 10 easiest ways to fix slow internet speed for Windows users which may be useful for your internet speed problem if the problem is not with your internet service provider. Even after taking these 10 steps below, if you face slow internet speed, you can be sure that the problem of the internet is not with your device, but with your ISP.

Restart the router

You may be well acquainted with this fix. Because, in our country, if we call an ISP for an internet problem, ISP will always tell us to restart this router. The reason is, sometimes if your router is not powerful enough to manage the load of your devices and many more devices are connected to the router at once, then the router cannot handle this extra load for split the traffic data and hangs the software of the router. This can cause the Internet to slow down or the Internet to become completely disconnected. In this situation, you can solve that problem by restarting your router.

Checking ping status

Ping is a command-line utility in Windows that basically tests whether your device is getting a proper response from your internet service provider and how long it takes to get a response. It allows you to ping your device with different public DNS to see how much latency you have on the internet and how much packet loss you have to face. To check ping, press Win + R to open the Run window. Type this command to check:

ping -t

If you see multiple responses in a row in the terminal, you can check the packet loss by pressing Ctrl + Pause Break button. This is not a fix, but it will help you to know your problem. Keeping in mind the latency and packet loss values ​​displayed on the terminal, you can report them to the ISP when you complain about internet speed.

Restart the computer

While this may sound ridiculous, this common solution to any Windows problem often works like magic. You can assume that 80% of the software problems you face when using Windows Desktop can be fixed by restarting your device only once. It also works to fix slow internet.

Using a separate internet source

If you use a WiFi Dongle or Adapter Device for your desktop to connect to your wifi and use the Internet, then the slow Internet can be caused by that Dongle.

It’s different if you have WiFi adapter on your pc built-in, but if you have an Internet connection using an external WiFi adapter, you can skip that and use directly with a wired connection from your router using a CAT-6 RJ65 cable or Ethernet cable.

Pause Windows Update

Windows has the right to automatically download and update your pc. When you are using the Internet for your daily works, the Internet speed can be seemed slow because of having to download Windows Updates files in the background. At that same time, you must face slow internet.

Although it is never wise to disable updates completely, you can pause Windows Update for as long as you need when you need to do some important work on the Internet. Then your internet speed will not be slow due to Windows update when you’re working. For this, go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update> Pause Update & Select it for 7 Days. However, there is currently no official option to pause the update for more than 7 days.


The troubleshooter can be used for finding some errors caused by HW or SW. But 5-10% of the time troubleshooter works only, you might as well fall into it if you’re lucky. So before complaining to ISP due to slow internet, you can spend a few minutes using Windows Troubleshooter to see if there are any additional errors or information. To troubleshoot, go to Settings> Update and Security> Troubleshoot> Additional Troubleshooter.

  • Internet Connections
  • Network Adapter
  • Incoming Connection

You can also troubleshoot by following the on-screen commands of the troubleshooter option. To be honest, it’s not a good solution.

Change the DNS

Due to Bad DNS server you are using, this slow internet can be caused for that. If you’re using the DNS server provided by your own local ISP, it is very normal you can see the slow internet.

While nothing can be said for sure, it is always better to use a good public DNS server without using the ISPA default DNS server, unless you do a lot of online gaming. You can read this article for detailed what is DNS & how we can change the DNS.

Update the network adapter driver

It’s good to update your network adapter’s firmware regularly. Follow the steps below to update the network adapter driver.

  • Open Device Manager by pressing Win + X and expand the Network Adapters tab from there.
  • Right-click on your adapter driver & select the menu.
  • From the window that will open, select Search Automatically for Drivers. And if you already have the latest version, then manually update the driver on the selective option.
  • Once the update is read, you can restart your device.

Check the limit reserve bandwidth

Do you know, Sometimes Windows limits the bandwidth for some reason & that can cause your internet to work slower. You can check that is limited or not. Follow the steps below-

  • Open the Windows Run program by pressing Win + R and type gpedit.msc here and press Enter.
  • Check the location path.
  • System Config > Administrative Temp > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Now double click on this option Limit re-servable bandwidth from here. From here, select the Not Configured option and press OK to save your change and exit.

Following these ten steps mentioned above does not mean that your slow internet problem will be fixed, if not, it will at least make sure that the internet problem is yours or your device or your internet service provider. Once this is confirmed, it will be much easier for you to take action accordingly.

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